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Fried Chicken Burger

There’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into crispy, crunchy fried chicken. Marinate your chicken in Frenchmaid Buttermilk Ranch to give your chicken a delicious zing. Serve with pickles over a fresh slaw dressed in Frenchmaid Buttermilk Ranch and topped with Frenchmaid Smokey BBQ Sauce. Served with shoestring fries on the side.

4 Chicken thighs

¾ cup Frenchmaid Buttermilk Ranch

Seasoned flour: Coleslaw:

1 ½ cups plain flour 1 cup shredded white cabbage

1 tsp paprika ½ cup shredded carrot

2 tsp garlic powder ¼ cup sliced red capsicum

½ tsp ground black pepper 1 Tbsp sliced green onion

1 tsp salt ½ cup Frenchmaid Buttermilk Ranch


Frenchmaid Smokey BBQ Sauce

Sesame seed buns

Marinate the chicken thighs in the Frenchmaid Buttermilk Ranch for at least 4 hours or overnight. Mix the seasoning into the flour and heat the oil to 180˚C for frying. Shred and dress the coleslaw.

Remove each thigh from the marinade shaking off excess. Coat in the seasoned flour and fry until golden brown and fully cooked. Remove onto paper towels and season with salt.

Assemble the burgers, topping with Frenchmaid Smokey Barbecue Sauce.

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