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Tips for Take away and Delivery: Make the best of it!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Take away and Delivery options are now the best way to stay in the game.

Just think about what steps you could take to make your customers feel more comfortable when offering them a convenient option.

1. Make sure your customers know you are open for delivery and take away! Lots of people are shifting their time toward digital, you have to be there!

2. Think Safety cleanliness first! Customers are receptive to your efforts. Let them know what you are doing to handle food safety. Give them information about how their food is being prepared, packed and delivered, and about the effort your are doing to sanitise your environment and protect your staff: talk about gloves and all hygiene measures, cleaning and sanitising restaurant surfaces including pick up station and monitoring the health of your team.

3. Customers will pay more attention to the safety of food choice. Reassure them about the source and the quality of your ingredients: origin, certification, any information to speak about reliability and quality.

4. Choose your menu heroes. Think about what dishes in your menu will travel well and still generate good profit. Create new options to tempt and surprise your consumers and make your life easier.

5. Choose your packaging. Use easy to wipe and clean container. Keep it simple, utensils are not compulsory as your customers will probably use their own.

6. Choose your delivery and payment options. Organise for customers to pay online and have contactless pick-up or no-contact delivery. Think about using third party delivery service as an option.

7. Make it fun! More than ever people are looking to relax and enjoy an happy moment. Hospitality was and is still the answer!

Frenchmaid team is always happy to support you, so don't hesitate to contact your sales representative if you want some advice about the best menu options.

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