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New Wholegrain Mustard recipe with a perfectly balanced flavour and texture

Sometimes it’s that secret ingredient added to a dish that takes it from ordinary to extraordinary. Our Frenchmaid Wholegrain Mustard is exactly like this one.

The new Wholegrain Mustard recipe made with whole mustard seeds delivers the perfectly balanced flavour to add personality to your dishes. It is so versatile that you can elevate a lot of dishes with a single tablespoon.

Bring out your creativity and passion and elevate your dishes with the Frenchmaid Wholegrain Mustard. To help you with cooking inspirations we have some ideas of how to add that little something to create exceptional dishes.

1. Glaze meats

Mustard glazes are great for meat, pork and poultry! Just brush it to cook and do it another round in the last half hour. To bring out more flavour you can mix with Frenchmaid Dijon Mustard, add spices like paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, cinnamon and others to create your own signature dish. To tone down you can make mix Frenchmaid Wholegrain Mustard with brown sugar or honey glaze. It will help to tender and caramelise the outside.

2. Make a pan sauce After searing meats, you will have a gorgeous bottom pan with those tasty browned bits. Add a splash of red wine, if cooking red meats, and white wine for poultries, a good dollop of Frenchmaid Wholegrain Mustard and whisk to bring up all that browned goodness from the pan and make a delicious sauce. You can also add a dollop of Frenchmaid Dijon Mustard too to make a smooth sauce.

3. Dipping sauce Combine two ingredients — Frenchmaid Wholegrain Mustard and USA Style Mayonnaise — and you will have a perfect dip for steamed vegetables or meat bites. It is also delicious combined with our Frenchmaid Hollandaise Sauce. You can simply mix the sauces until you like the balance or whisk together ½ cup of Frenchmaid Hollandaise Sauce or USA Style Mayonnaise and 1 Tbsp of Frenchmaid Wholegrain Mustard to make a delicious side.

4. Blend of mustards

Make a blend of mustards with Frenchmaid Wholegrain Mustard and Dijon Mustard to serve as a side with sausages and charcuterie.

5. Spread

The Frenchmaid Wholegrain Mustard is perfect by itself. So go on and spread on sandwiches and burgers. Perfect for a pastrami sandwich as it helps to cut down this meat saltiness.

6. Great stuffing

Combine the Wholegrain Mustard with other ingredients like herbs and breadcrumbs and make a unique stuffing for roast lamb or chicken. For pies mix a dollop of Wholegrain Mustard with your choice of stuffing that could be mushroom, vegetables, chicken, pork, lamb or beef to elevate the flavours.

7. Give potatoes a boost Cook the potatoes, drain well and set aside. Mix Frenchmaid Wholegrain Mustard with USA Style Mayonnaise and add it to the potatoes once they have cooled a bit. You can also add a dollop to your mash potato to make a unique mustard mash. The grainy texture is great when added to potatoes!

8. Sauerkraut Mustard

Combine with sauerkraut and slaw to elevate any pork dish, Reuben or any other sandwich!

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